1-Gram Dutrion Tablet Water Purification On the Go

The Dutrion Tablet with drop bottle set contains everything you need for safe drinking water on your outdoor adventure and emergency water treatment. Essential for your emergency box and camping gear!


A 1-gram Dutrion Tablet treats up to 25 Gal (100L) water (at 1 ppm).

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Dutrion Tablets with the 50 mL dropper bottle is a foolproof solution for water treatment on the go. The perfect addition to your camping, RV, emergency prep, bugout, hiking, and adventure gear!


Water Purification On the Go – How to Use

Fill 50 mL dropper bottle to line + 1 Gram Dutrion Tablet = Dutrion concentrate for water purification

Add drops, according to package directions to water.

Always fill water first, then add tablet.


What’s in the box:

  • 6 –  1-gram Dutrion Tablets
  • 50 mL  dropper bottle
  • Instructions for use


Benefits of Dutrion Tablet:
  • Add water to the enclosed 50 mL bottle, then add one 1-gram tablet  and it’s ready to use in 2 minutes!
  • Be prepared. With a long shelf life, Dutrion will be ready when you are.
  • Affordable water treatment for off-grid, homesteading, camping, RV, backyard chickens, their friends and more.


One 1-gram Dutrion Tablet treats up to 25 Gal (100L) of water (at 1 ppm)


Why Choose Us?
Dutrion Products are a unique chlorine dioxide formula. Unparalleled in its efficacy and efficiency, it is a first choice in chlorine dioxide.
Chlorine dioxide has 2.6 times more power than chlorine. With its higher oxidation capacity and lower oxidation strength (safer) it quickly destroys bacteria, viruses, algae, and odors while using less product!


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