About Us

Aethym and Dutrion North America are dedicated to supporting you in your journey towards self-sufficiency. We believe that by maintaining clean environments and providing pure water, we can enhance our resilience and well-being. Trust Aethym and Dutrion to be your partner for your next adventure.
Start exploring our wide range of cleaning products today and experience the Dutrion difference. Together, let’s build a cleaner, safer, and more self-reliant future.

Aethym is a proud distributor of Dutrion products. The Dutrion Tablet is manufactured with the highest standards of effectiveness, durability, and eco-friendliness. We believe being prepared doesn’t equal compromise. 

Why choose Dutrion?

Premium Quality: We are committed to quality. From disinfection and sanitizing to water solutions, our products are designed to deliver exceptional performance in any situation.

Versatility: Our products are versatile and can be used in many scenarios. Whether you’re deep-cleaning your homestead, sanitizing your supplies, preparing for sustained water supplies or ensuring hygiene in an emergency situation, our products are designed to meet your specific needs.

Expert Advice: Our team of experts have over 100 years of experience and are ready to assist you with questions or concerns. We provide useful tips and recommendations to help you make informed choices for your unique needs.

Convenience: Shopping with us is easy and convenient, with fast and reliable shipping, so you can focus on what matters most – being prepared.

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